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These quality signs are made of REAL hardwood composites including cedar, poplar, pine and other top quality varieties. Our entire line of wood signs are meticulously handcrafted by a third party company in the USA. Therefore, our wood signs are not reproduced in a factory setting by machines.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind. The majority of our wood signs are intended to have a weathered look. Therefore on occasion, you may notice a slight color, indentation, perhaps a tiny smudge, scratch or other small variation. These variances & imperfections are not considered manufacturing defects. They are evidence of an original, unique, one of a kind, handcrafted, hand painted piece of artwork created artisans.

The company that manufactures our wood signs has been manufacturing gift and novelty signs for the mail order catalog, retail gift, and hospitality industries for over 20 years. All of their items are made by hand in the USA – no 2 items are alike and each is made to order especially for you. This wood sign company uses top quality materials, therefore your sign will last a lifetime!

Many of our wood signs that we carry can be personalized. Our wood signs are based upon late 19th century designs when use of text oriented pub and trade signs were at their height. While the signs are brand new, they conform in shape and lettering style to that of old time signs. To complete the look, all of the signs are given a hand rubbed stain to "age" the sign appropriately. The larger signs, 18"x24" and up feature 1" hand kerfed, heavy poplar wood molding frame with hand painted gilded pin stripes. Kerfed is the art of cutting slits in the molding to establish an arched shape. The sign portion is made of 1/2" MDF wood with silk screened verbiage and a hand rubbed stain. Some signs have gilded three dimensional bas relief of resin. The name boards that come with some signs also feature the same 1" heavy poplar wood molding with hand pin- striping. The tombstone shaped, large ovals, dartboard backings and framed crescent signs feature steam bent poplar wood moldings with hand painted frames and pin stripping. The basic copy is screen printed, the personalized copy is produced in vinyl and the accents are added by hand. They are then hand-stained and a three dimensional bas relief is added (as applies).

All of the signs come ready to hang with all hardware included or a keyhole hanger on the back for easy door or wall mounting, and with the exception of the garden signs are intended for interior use only.  Case, font, and colors are pre-determined depending on which item you purchase.

PERSONALIZATION: Personalization is FREE. Spelling & Punctuation will appear exactly as stated on your order. We do not automatically add punctuation and assume spelling is correct, so please be sure that the way you spell and punctuate your personalization on your order is how you want it to appear on the sign. Personalization has no character limits. However, please realize that the more characters included, the smaller the text will be.