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Barrel Head Signs
Stylish and popular, these Barrel Head signs are the perfect decor piece for your home bar, Man Cave or establishment.  FREE PERSONALIZATION for all Personalized Licensed Barrel Head Signs and Novelty Barrel Head Signs.

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Personalized and Non-Personalized Barrel Head signs are very popular decor pieces for a home bar or man cave right now.  We offer Licensed, Personalized & Novelty Barrel Head Signs that are ideal for one's home bar space or professional business such as a bar or restaurant.  We sell two types of barrel head signs.  Regular Barrel Head Signs and Hoop Head Barrel Head Signs.

All our regular Barrel Head Signs are all made in the USA, are handcrafted from an actual used and repurposed American oak whiskey barrel unlike barrels offered from the majority of our competitors, and the char is retained for authenticity.  On the back of each of the barrel head signs we sell have a keyhole slot for easy hanging.  Please be aware that each barrel head may vary slightly due to the natural wood grain.

All our Hoop Head Barrel signs are also all made in the USA.  Each of these Hoop Head Barrels  incorporates a 3/4 of an inch birch veneer plywood with an authentic steel barrel hoop that was previously used from a bourbon barrel.  Our Hoop Head Barrel Signs have a beveled back hanger for easy mounting and may vary slightly due to the wood grain appearance.

* Please note that all barrel head sign products in this section are purchased from and shipped by our company, Man Cave Gifts (mancavegifts.com), not from another company that we refer you to via our Referral Network.