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Before contacting us, please read the following FAQs.  We may have an answer to your question below.


Did you receive my order?  Confirmation is sent via email within a couple of minutes of placing your order.  Please check your email box.  If you have a work email or free email services like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, msn, aol, etc... , check you SPAM email folder within your email box.  These email services often have SPAM settings set too high and put automatic generated emails like confirmation emails in SPAM folders.

How long will my order take?  Where is my order?  Processing or shipping time frames for each product are listed in the product's description in a paragraph about processing and shipping.  This paragraph is usually the 2nd or 3rd paragraph from the bottom of a product's description.  Product processing and shipping times vary depending on the product, especially personalized products.

If the product(s) you ordered is still within the range of the processing/shipping time frames listed in each product's description, we won't be able to speed up the processing or shipping for your ordered products.  We will not be able to contact any 3rd party vendor (for personalized products especially) to speed up your order because 3rd party vendors strictly adhere to their processing and shipping times.

If the product(s) that you ordered are taking more then the processing time &/or shipping times listed in the description for the product(s) you ordered, please contact us via email or by phone and we will find out why there is a delay.  Please note that business days are Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Also, we nor our vendors or shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, etc..) are responsible for weather conditions that delay processing or shipping.

Do you send receipts in shipping boxes to me or my gift receipients?  No.  Your confirmation that you received via email moments after you ordered also serves as you receipt.

Will I get a tracking number?  Tracking information is sent upon shipment of your products via email.  Some products may ship separately.  If you have free email services like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, msn, aol, etc... , also check you SPAM email folder within your email box.  These email services often have SPAM settings set too high and put automatic generated emails like tracking emails in the SPAM folders.

Do you have Express Shipping?  Express shipping does not mean express processing.  Express shipping is only available for products in our Last Minute Gifts section with the exception of a handful of neon clocks.  All other products, especially personalized products are drop shipped by 3rd party vendors who prefer not to do express shipping.  When contacting us about a quote for express shipping for Last Minute Gifts, please contact us via email (see email form below) and let us know the product(s) you are interested in, the shipping address zip code and your phone number.  When your quote is ready we will notify you of these express charges for your approval by email during business hours.

Can I get Express Shipping for Personalized Products?  Personalized products are drop shipped by 3rd party vendors who prefer not to do express shipping.  These 3rd party vendors process orders in the order received. Our 3rd party vendors' processing times vary, so be sure to check the processing and shipping times in the description of the product you are interested in. Some 3rd party vendors take 1-2 days while another vendor may take 5 days.  It all depends on the nature & sometimes even the popularity of the product.  Please be aware, the majority of personalized products usually only take 2-3 shipping days depending where you live once your order is processed.

Do you ship all your products from your facility in Austin, TX?  Almost all our non-personalized products ship from our facility in Austin, Texas.  See Last Minute Gifts .  These products usually ship out in one business day, 2-3 business days during early December.  Our personalized products are dropshiped by 3rd party vendors, experts in their craft throughout the USA

Why do you use 3rd party vendors to ship products?  The 3rd party vendors we use, create our personalized products for our customers.  They even create our exclusive products that you won't be able to find anywhere, but from us.  The 3rd party vendors we choose focus on qualty and craftmenship.  They take their craft seriously.  Our 3rd party vendors are experts in the making of their products and all of our 3rd party vendors manufacture and/or finish/assemble their product(s) in the USA.  Eg.  barrels are created by a barrel maker, glassware is created by a glassmaker, etc... . Many companies will try to do it all in house and often sacrifice quality to save money.  We go to the source, the experts in their craft that proudly produce quality products in the USA.  Would you go to a mechanic to cut your hair?  Would you have your gardener rewire your house?

Why do some of your personalized products take a couple days longer then your competitors?  As mentioned above, we go to 3rd party vendors who are experts in their specialty craft and produce quality products.  To produce quality products, the extra time is needed to get your product done right.  The materials our 3rd party vendors/craftsmen use are far superior in quality then our competitors.  The workmanship is also better because our 3rd party vendors take pride in their work producing their specialty item whether it's a personalized sign, mini whiskey barrel, glassware, niche product like the Perfect Growler or other products we carry.  You can also see IN A RUSH for a suggestion of what to do if your product can not arrive in time for your event.

Christmas or Father's Day is approaching.  Will I get my order in time?  See Holiday and Father's Day Shipping Schedule in May, June, November & December.

* All returns must receive a return authorization number before being returned to us.  Therefore, if you are wanting to make return, please fill out the CONTACT US form below (include your phone #) or call us at the phone number listed on the packing handout you received with your order.  Upon hearing from you, we will call you and give you a return authorization and our address, so you can return items to our place of business.


EMAIL (24/7):   Email us info@mancavegifts.com or fill out the form below and we will either call or email you with our response within 24 hours on the average.


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