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Liquor Essences for Small and Mini Oak Barrels

Liquor Essence Information

Want to create your own whiskey, scotch, rum, brandy, etc... and age it to your own taste?  We have Premium Liquor Essences so you can create your favorite spirit.  For every bottle of essence you will need 750 ml vodka or grain alcohol.  14 Essences to choose from.  Ingredients: Natural extracts, essences, oils and caramel color.  Each essence is .65 fl oz. (20ml).

Instructions to make your favorite spirit:  1 essence bottle per 750ml of vodka or grain alcohol.  Mix the vodka or grain alcohol with the essence.  Mix well.  Age spirits to your taste in a cured small or mini oak barrel! CLICK HERE to purchase a mini oak barrel.

Suggested essence per barrel size:  Remember, 1 liter = 1000 ml.  Therefore, if you were to take 1 essence bottle and mix it with 750ml of vodka or grain alcohol, and put it into your 1L barrel, it will be slightly over 3/4 full.  For another example, if you have a 3L barrel to fill, 4 essences & 4 - 750ml bottles of vodka or grain alcohol would fit almost perfectly.  It is suggested to fill it all the way, but that is up to you.  If you choose to not fill the barrel all the way, just turn/rotate barrel a few times (in addition to a quarter turn each week, if it was full) during the aging process, so the contents moves around and ages properly to your taste.  If you do fill it all the way, you may find you have a little more essence and/or vodka or grain alcohol then what the size of your barrel calls for.  If that is the case, properly store the extra essence and/or vodka or grain alcohol in a jar or bottle for your next batch.

14 Barrel Liquor Essences that we offer for spirit making:

1.  Canadian Rye Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Crown Royal. The classic Canadian Rye Whiskey is a blended whiskey that you can make at home.

2.  Flamethrower Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Fireball Whiskey.

3.  Irish Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Jameson Irish Whiskey.  The original Ulsce Beatha (Gaelic Whiskey), aka THE WATER OF LIFE, invented by monks during the 5th century. Traditionally distilled and blended from both malted and unmalted grains.

4.  Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Jim Beam. Add the classic American charcoal mellowed corn whiskey taste.

5.  Mark's Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Maker's Mark.  A special bourbon double distilled in small batches and fermented in cypress vats.

6.  Southern Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Southern Comfort. A bend of bourbon whiskey and citrus fruits.

7.  Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Jack Daniels.  Add the classic American corn-based whiskey flavor to your spirits.

8.  Wild Game Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence - Similar to Wild Turkey.

9.  Scotch Whisky Blended Premium Essence - Similar to Johnnie Walker Red. Add the blended barley whiskey taste based on the world famous "Red Label" from Scotland.

10.  Scotch Whisky Highland Malt Premium Essence - Similar to Glenlivit or Dewers.  Highland Malt Whisky (Smoked) is a strong tasting "single malt: style whisky.

11.  Jamaican Rum Premium Essence - Similar to Captain Morgan Jamaican. Hard to find in the USA.

12.  Spiced Rum Premium Essence - Similar to Captain Morgan Spiced.  Add the contemporary blend of cinnamon, tropical spices and blended rum flavor to your spirits. The flavor favored by sailors plying the East India trading route.

13.  Orange Brandy Premium Essence - Similiar to Grand Marnier.  Add the distinctive taste of a blend of true cognacs and distilled essence of bitter orange flavor to your spirits.

14.  XO Brandy - Similar to Hennessey XO. Is an extra fine French style grape brandy

* Note about Liquor Essences - All liquor essences are made by the same manufacturer.  Our suppliers vary due to product availability.  Therefore, art design on the label of the product varies, but the selection/flavor/taste choices remain the same.