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"Eat, Drink and Relax" is perhaps the perfect motto for the man cave.  It is quite common that many man caves have a home bar area and perhaps even a kitchenette.  So what appliances would one want in their man cave?   What would your favorite neighborhood bar or stadium concession stand have that you wish you had for you and your guests? 

Let's think about the bar, since the bar is usually one of the most popular feature in the man cave.  A mini fridge is usually one of the first appliances purchased.  A kegerator, a blender, a refrigerated wine cabinet, a coffee machine or even an espesso machine are also suggestions depending on your needs.  Hungry?  How about a popcorn machine that makes popcorn that taste just like the popcorn you get at your favorite movie theater.  A countertop deep fryer for fries, onion rings, fried shrimp and more.  A hot dog roller or cooker.  A slow cooker for your famous chili, queso or your favorite stew or soup that you usually cook for special TV viewing parties such as:  the Super Bowl, March Madness, World Series, a heavyweight fight, a music concert or for the most popular game of the year for your favorite college team.

Shop now for our suggestions for some truly unique appliances for your man cave, home bar, kitchen or cooking area, a game room or bar establishment.  Whose hungry now?  Enjoy our referrals!

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