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Out of Stock Products and Backorders

Our website is updated on a daily basis.  Inventory is updated instantly.  If you see a product out of stock online, simply click into the DETAILS button of the product you want to backorder and scroll down the page to the end of the Gift Message section.  Below the OUT OF STOCK message, there is a link that says, "In Stock Notification".  Click on that link, put in your email address and when the product you want becomes in stock you will receive an automatic email immediately notifying you.

If one of the products you ordered becomes out of stock after the time you placed your order, we will notify you by email &/or phone.  Unfortunately this happens because someone placed an order for the same product just seconds ahead of you. If you ordered other products in the same order, we will proceed with shipping those to you without the out of stock products(s) and adjust any shipping cost.  If you qualified for Free Shipping and a product in your order becomes out of stock and causes your order total to not qualify for Free Shipping anymore, we will notify you immediately to see how you would like to proceed.

Besides signing up for emailed notifications of out of stock products, you can also call us at 512-244-3294 and place a backorder.  If you want a backorder product(s) to be shipped to you immediately when it becomes back in stock, you will have to call us with your billing, shipping & payment information.  We will charge your credit card upon shipping, not at the time you place your order .  If you request a product that is out of stock, be aware that it may take on the average of 2 weeks to get the requested product to you.  You can always call us to see when we expect the product you want will be back in stock.